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contoh pidato bahasa inggris

contoh pidato judul "kenakalan remaja" versi bahasa inggris

Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh
honorable mr./ mrs.  (……….) as (………….)
dear mr./mrs. (………) as (………..)
dear ( …………….)
First of all, let us praise and gratitude prayed to Allah's presence. because of the grace and guidance we are given his health to come together on this day. Also to our prophet Muhammad SAW, his families, and his friends.
And I want to thank you to the master of ceremony who has given me the time to speech in front of you all under the tittle “Naughtiness  of teenagers”

Now days, in this world that as long as older, as long as we called by more progressive, there is so many kind of teenagers attitude there are god or bad, has benefit or not, make negative effect or positive effect, etc. but, in this chance I would like to emphasized in bad teenagers ‘ attitude that is naughtiness of teenagers.
Happy audience,
Lately we often hear some cases that happen in circles of teenagers. For example, a teenagers passed away because of drunk an alcohol, marijuana, ecstasy, etc., and also we often hear marriage by accident in circles of girl, right??? But, that can’t be happen without intervene a boy or a person that not a teenagers.
Brothers and sisters,
We can’t directly conclude that all of things happen just because of the teenagers but there are so many causal factor how it can be :
1.      External factor
a.       Minimally education that they get
This factor is influential in naughtiness of teenagers because if we compare between a person that just enjoy in a school in a time relative short and a person that has bored enjoy it, it’s so different. You know why? If a person that so long in education area, from a way they speak, that’s inclined arrangement and good of course. But if a person that just sit in school’s chair without feeling hot, they inclined wild and their way of think is so short. 
b.      Minimally parent’s attention
This one is so dominate in this case because parents that almost don’t have spare time to be together with their family especially the children. This situation can make the children faster to feel bored and feel less affection. These things that make the children lost control and usually do anything what they want.
c.       Wrongness of choose friend
When the children feel bored and less affection from their parents, automatically they will search a place where can make them selves comfortable. And almost all of fugitive place are many bad person. this point is the most dangerous.
d.      Individualism
Maybe all of you wondered about it, right????  Individualism is mean there is indifferent and look like don’ care about someone does. For example, one day there is someone use drugs or we can called by A one, in other side, B one look this situation but he doesn’t care, it mean he pretend doesn’t know about that. So, automatically, the B one doesn’t quite dare to do that. Moreover, he can be influence to other one. Of course, this situation will be so concerned.
2.      Internal factor
a.       Inner pressure
This inner pressure still has a correlation with factors that I have explained to you because a person who experience one of or two of or may be three of them, usually feel their life so difficult and They think that no way to go out from their problem.
b.      Strong feeling of want to know
Of course everyone has feeling want to know but it’s different with teenagers’ . why I say that? Because teenagers’ feeling want to know is so strong. Because of that, teenagers always want to know everything that they haven’t known and interesting things although they know what they do is forbidden.
My beloved audience,
We are as new generation, as young generation, as clever generation, etc., we have to change and modify everything that worse because all of good thing will bring us to the real happiness and peaceful.so that, next time will not have words naughtiness of teenagers again and automatically the teenagers’ image will be look wellby world. And believing your self that our life is not depend our destiny, but we will make our destiny.
I think that’s all my speech. May can develop your spirit to be a better person. the last I say, wassalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu.

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